This IRES project provides U.S. undergraduate students with an eight-week summer research experience every year in Prague and Brno, Czech Republic. The research experience enables the students to gain new knowledge and skills related to testing, quality assurance, and code-inspection of distributed software systems used for enterprises. The students are mentored by internationally-renowned researchers in the field. The student projects are in the field of testing and quality assurance led by researchers from the Czech Technical University and experts from Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open-source enterprise software solutions.¬†

The student research and experiments are performed at the Software Testing IntelLigent Lab at the Czech Technical University in Prague and at the Red Hat research facility located in Brno, Czech Republic. Students gain complete knowledge of the test development cycle, modern testing toolkits, production-level development, and research skills. Students research novel code-inspection techniques, further enabling knowledge advancements in this field. The remote sites selected for the research experiences will provide students with a unique opportunity to work with an internationally-renowned research team that has extensive expertise in model-based testing. These experiences enable participating students to start their research or academic careers. The students will bring their new expertise and skills back to the U.S.

In IRES 2020, we intend to build a knowledge base and recommendation system for stack traces and program errors that repetitively appear in the application logs. We would automatically identify that a given error occurred in the past (cluster of the same errors), we would describe wherein the application is the issue, try to locate steps to fix, linked issues or even match online sources such as a stack overflow.


The whole project is divided into three teams.

  • Log Scraper: Log processing and multi-log aggregation.
  • Source Crawler: Recreate the execution path.
  • Log Errors Automated error log resolution.


This IRES 2019 project will advance knowledge of code-inspection techniques to improve module testing and quality assurance processes in distributed systems. It will also help with the automation of model construction for model-based testing approaches that will lead to improved test generation, test coverage validation, verification of module information compliance, and more in this field. Student’s individual open-source projects created during their research experience will directly contribute to improved testing and quality assurance in distributed software systems. The results will, in the end, help reduce efforts and costs related to testing and improve quality assurance of future software products, leading to fewer defects and bugs in products before customer release.