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Cloudhubs is the software engineering lab at the Computer Science department of Baylor University. Our research focuses are code analysis, microservice architecture, enterprise software development, and software security. This site provides a basic route map to projects, publications, and involved students.

Featured Projects


The prophet analyzes microservice-based systems and generates a centralized perspective for the microservice mesh. This allows developers and operators to assess systems holistically. This can provide certain perspectives for Software Architecture Reconstruction (SAR).


The RAD (REST API Discovery) project can detect inter-microservice REST communications to facilitate Software Architecture Reconstruction (SAR).


Open source virtual conference management system for ACM SAC 2020. It enables participants to easily share their talks and involve in discussions.

Recent Publications

On Code Analysis Opportunities and Challenges for Enterprise Systems and Microservices

Tomas Cerny, JanSvacina, Dipta Das, Vincent Bushong, Miroslav Bures, Pavel Tisnovsky, Karel Frajtak, Dongwan Shin, Jun Huang

Mapping Study on Constraint Consistency Checking in Distributed Enterprise Systems

Tomas Cerny, Andrew Walker, Jan Svacina, Vincent Bushong, Dipta Das, Karel Frajtak, Miroslav Bures, and Pavel Tisnovsky

Failure Prediction by Utilizing Log Analysis: A Systematic Mapping Study

Dipta Das, Micah Schiewe, Elizabeth Brighton, Mark Fuller, Tomas Cerny, Miroslav Bures, Karel Frajtak, Dongwan Shin, and Pavel Tisnovsky

On Matching Log Analysis to Source Code: A Systematic Mapping Study

Vincent Bushong, Russell Sanders, Jacob Curtis, Mark Du, Tomas Cerny, Karel Frajtak, Miroslav Bures, Pavel Tisnovsky, and Dongwan Shin

On Vulnerability and Security Log analysis: A Systematic Literature Review on Recent Trends

Jan Svacina, Jackson Raffety, Connor Woodahl, Brooklynn Stone, Tomas Cerny, Miroslav Bures, Dongwan Shin, Karel Frajtak, and Pavel Tisnovsky

Grants and Collaborators

  • Funding from National Science Foundation (NSF) under grant no. 1854049.
  • Funding from Red Hat Research.